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De'Anthony Morris

Our research is studying the unique volatile organic compounds that pathogens (E.coli and Salmonella) emit in ground beef and chicken. The Enhancement Grant I received has allowed me to purchase the essential materials needed for our studies such as growth media, bacterial strains, glass desiccators and more.

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During my time as a design student at WVU, I was always looking for that experience where I was able to hone my skills and achieve something more meaningful than a letter grade. The Young Innovators Program provided me that opportunity by not only teaching the basics of starting a business, but offering funding avenues to actually develop and start a business.


Ephraim Pittore

Davis College Alumni, Owner of GG Products

Having the opportunity to enrich my studies because of an Enhancement Grant has impacted my life in more ways than I could have ever imagined. While studying abroad in Brazil, I was fortunate enough to visit Rio de Janeiro, São Luis, São Paulo, and the developing city of Santo Amaro. The range of different cultures I encountered has given me a whole new perspective on what it means to be a student here at WVU.


Sydnee Porter

Davis College Student -Fashion, Dress, & Merchandising

I was able to spend 3 weeks investigating topics related to landscapes, architecture, and urban design of European cities. The trip was an invaluable experience to my education. It gave me the chance to travel, experience other cultures and customs, and allowed for the experience of sights normally seen as pictures in a textbook. The memories and lessons learned on this trip were all made possible with the aid I received from an Enhancement Grant.


Andrew Gosnell

Davis College Student - Landscape Architecture